Fig gourmet set

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Product descriptions

Dried figs in vacuum packaging BIOCalabacitas

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of nature, filled with the finest dried figs. The juiciest and tastiest figs have been carefully selected to offer a unique taste. Each bag contains a gift from the earth, a natural treasure full of sweetness and nutrition.


Ingredients: dried Spanish figs (100%)
Extracted from organic farming. Store in a dry place between +15ºC and +20ºC

Organic fig bread with oranges

This exceptional fig bread perfectly combines the natural sweetness of Calabacitas dried figs with the refreshing taste of oranges, creating a unique experience for your palate.

Its texture is soft and fluffy, with a subtle hint of moisture that gives it the juiciness characteristic of an orange.

Premium class organic figs in chocolate (composition)

After carefully selecting the best dried figs, we have created a wonderful experience that will surprise you. Each fig is filled with creamy almond praline and covered with a thin layer of the highest quality 71.5% dark chocolate.


Ingredients: Dried figs 'Calabacita' (62%), dark chocolate coating (25%), (cocoa paste, cocoa butter (70%), cane sugar), almond praline (13%) (almonds, cane sugar)

Extracted from organic farming

Store in a dry place between +15ºC and +20ºC